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WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world for many reasons—it’s robust, extensible, and easy to use. This strong foundation enables us to create sites that are much more than blogs. Clients use our WordPress implementations to coordinate volunteers, sell event tickets, serve streaming video, build social networks, and raise millions in donations—all while serving millions of visitors per month.

But we don’t just build WordPress sites, we fix them too. Clients frequently come to us with sites that have been worked on by multiple developers over the years and have become a bit of a jumble. We clean up these messy implementations of WordPress with zeal, folding in years of customizations and one-time fixes into a clean, consolidated system that makes sense.

Our development team can also build out networks of WordPress sites, allowing communities of bloggers to grow around a central theme. From education, to political activism, we can turn a nascent community into a powerful media force.

And just because we build sites using WordPress, doesn’t mean they all look like WordPress sites. Our designers create original designs to fit your brand and goals, not a pre-existing template.


We are constantly amazed at how far we are able to push the limits of WordPress, our favorite CMS, but we hit those limits. That’s when we call upon Drupal.  For highly-complex, data-intensive sites that require massive scalability, multifaceted content organization, and custom workflows there is no better tool.

Here too we specialize in optimizing sites that have suffered because of inconsistent technical management. Without proper stewardship, needlessly complicated methods can replace the simpler, more standard way of doing things. This is where our obsession with organization and standardization turns dysfunctional sites into high-efficiency platforms they were always meant to be.

Easy transitions and preservation of existing incoming links are the highest priorities for our team. Transitioning between platforms, software versions, or even front-end designs can go disastrously wrong if attention isn’t paid to each and every detail. We zealously protect the value our clients have built in their sites and ensure that transitions are seamless.

But when things do go wrong, we fix them. We stand behind our work and stand with our clients as partners in their success.

WordPress Hosting

To avoid the headaches, back-and-forth with support, and the terribly poor offerings found in the WordPress hosting world, we offer our clients hosting via WP Engine. Enhanced security, automatic backups, and a robust system of dynamic traffic management makes WP Engine the clear winner in the WordPress hosting world.

Managing our clients’ hosting allows us to eliminate the confusion caused by splitting the duties of hosting and development between two parties. With our managed hosting options, there’s no ambiguity about who is responsible for an outage or error.

When you host with ReadyMadeWeb, the accountability for your site’s performance rests solely with us. This means we triage problems as quickly as possible and we actively work with WP Engine to ensure that problems never occur in the first place.

TypePad Migration

Several years ago, we migrated from TypePad to WordPress. In the process, we discovered that TypePad and Movable Type (two related blogging platforms) make it very difficult for users to transition to other blogging software. They are the roach motels of the blogging world.

After working on this project, we created TP2WP, an automated tool for converting TypePad or Movable Type data to standard WordPress XML. This, along with import plugins we’ve created, allow users to move a much more complete data set to WordPress.

Though this automatic tools has helped countless bloggers move to WordPress, we still offer manual migration services to select clients. Andrew Sullivan’s “The Dish” along with blogs from Crate & Barrel and Evite have used our TP2WP “Valet Service” to expedite their transition to WordPress.

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