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LifeCity Impact Directory

LifeCity Impact Directory

Though we love being able to provide a full design and development solution for our clients, sometimes we’re tasked with delivering a development solution for a site that has already been designed and built. That was the case with LifeCity, a private effort to encourage sustainable business practices in the New Orleans area.

LifeCity needed a searchable directory of business that allowed consumers to search not only by company type and location, but by a whole host of different sustainability factors that LifeCity had evaluated and ranked.

To meet this goal, ReadyMadeWeb leveraged our own custom content plugins and created a multi-faceted search engine that allowed users to map their results based on dozens of possible criteria.

We took care to leverage the modular nature of WordPress’s plugin and custom content architecture to make the site as future-proof as possible, allowing for the site’s core software to be updated without worries of breaking any custom code. That’s our way of being sustainable.


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January 23, 2013

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