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c3b864935a8a7d8be865f0cae2b1c630The goal of our TP2WP project has always been to make the process of moving from Typepad to WordPress easier for our customers, so we were delighted to hear from Ashley of “Accidental Olympian” who had this to say about TP2WP:

I had put off moving out of Typepad for YEARS feeling it was too hard and I’d have to cough up some huge developer fee to get my site over to WordPress, and in the end using TP2WP I did it in an afternoon.

That’s what TP2WP is all about—taking control of your content and moving your blog to the best blogging platform in existence, WordPress.

Ashley also underscored how bad Typepad’s own export method works:

Typepad will tell you how to export your site and upload it into WordPress, with one little catch. All the images you’ve ever had on your site will not come with you. SUCKERS!

That sort of one-way content trap is just unacceptable in 2015, or even 2011, when we first built TP2WP.

After successfully moving her blog, Ashley also became a member of our TP2WP affiliate program. You can join too and get rewarded for letting people know about the easiest way to move their blog from Typepad to WordPress.