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Brian Krogsgard offers some interesting thoughts on the recent role reversal between Matt Mullenweg and Toni Schneider as well as Automattic growing up as a company:

Automattic has really grown up over the years. In the tech world, it is quite an underrated company in my opinion; few companies can tout the influence (with over 74 million sites running WordPress in the world) they have on the internet itself. They’ve proven that building applications on open source software can be profitable and scalable. They’ve helpedpioneer the coming onslaught of companies enabling remote workers. They’ve acquired other startups (mostly) without killing them. They’re successfully bridging the gap between and with long term investments like Jetpack. They’ve grown to a staff of well over 200, which is both large for a startup and tiny is now the 8th largest website in the world.

I started developing and managing WordPress projects in 2007. In the years since, I’ve only become more and more pleased with that happy accident. Automattic’s flourishing gives me confidence that my business and the websites we build for our clients are going to be running on WordPress for many, many years to come.