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With the notable exception of non-profits and other civil organizations who work with veterans, it is generally not a good idea for commercial entities to engage in any sort of social media campaigns involving holidays like Veterans Day or Memorial Day.

At best, your attempt to promote your product, service, or “brand” will come off as being in bad taste.

At worst, you will produce one of the offensive and shameless social media blunders highlighted by the Atlantic’s Philip Bump.

Perhaps most shameful is the spelling-mistake-laden offer of a free bloomin’ onion to veterans. Our veterans deserve better than your deep-fried root vegetables, but more importantly, the holiday deserves more respect.

Save your promotions, discounts, contests, sweepstakes, and other commercial tie-ins for more festive holidays, like Halloween or Independence Day.

Of course even the folks highlighted by Mr. Bump aren’t as bad as 9/11 advertisements. Simply the worst.