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Yesterday, our work with MaryAnn Johanson’s FlickFilosopher went live. We’re excited to see what MaryAnn has done with the design of the site since moving to WordPress. We’re also proud to see that our data conversion work has contributed to a redesign that MaryAnn’s fans really seem to love.

Thanks to MaryAnn for posting a very kind thank you for our work migrating data from Movable Type to WordPress:

I did get an awesome database assist from ReadyMadeWeb, who handled the migration of my highly customized Movable Type database into a form that WordPress could cope with it. It was a complicated process that had me pulling my hair out along the way, and probably did the same to ReadyMadeWeb’s Cord and Pete. But they were extremely patient and helpful and professional and supremely competent. I couldn’t have done this without them.

We hope that others will follow MaryAnn’s lead and use our service to move their blog from TypePad or Movable Type to WordPress.