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Two weeks ago the blogging world—and the entire media industry—saw an extremely important event in the launch of a newly independent Daily Dish, the incredibly popular blog edited by Andrew Sullivan. By adopting a user-supported rather than ad-supported model for his site, Sullivan has turned the traditional blogging model on its ear. Instead of selling his readers to advertisers, he’s selling content to his readers, overturning decades upon decades of precedence in the media world and taking a step toward a truly independent press.

The team here at ReadyMadeWeb was thrilled to be a part of Sullivan’s move toward independence. Peter Snyder, Brian Reed, and I worked some long and late hours to convert The Dish’s nearly 90,000 posts and 27,000 images and other files from TypePad to WordPress. I can’t thank Pete and Brian—especially Pete—enough for their work on this project.  This was a huge undertaking.

Moving such a huge amount of data from one platform to another forced us to rebuild large swaths of the codebase at, our TypePad to WordPress conversion service. Because of this unique challenge, our code is better than ever and able to take on conversions of any size.

Thanks to everyone at The Dish, especially Chas Danner, who patiently worked through this process with us and gave us the opportunity to be part of a such a significant project. We wish everyone at The Dish the best of luck in this exciting experiment.