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This week we’ve launched a major new ad campaign for our TypePad (and Movable Type) to WordPress conversion service. For the next week, an ad will be running on Marginal Revolution, the most popular economics blog on the web and the original inspiration for the data conversion service.

Marginal Revolution is a great example of the capacity of the conversion service.  At the time we converted the site to WordPress, Marginal Revolution had roughly 7,000 posts and 145,000 comments.  We couldn’t have asked for a better test case!

We also want to thank our friends at The Monkey Cage, who were kind enough link to us today.  The Monkey Cage—a political science blog written by John Sides at George Washignton University, Erik Voeten at Georgetown, Andrew Gelman at Columbia, Joshua Tucker at NYU, and Henry Farrell also at George Washington—was another one of our early conversions from TypePad that helped us develop the process behind

Stay tuned for more updates about  and our ongoing efforts to expand the WordPress community by rescuing folks from TypePad and Movable Type.