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It seems like the sky is falling lately on the web.  I’ve just finished the process of moving ReadyMadeWeb’s domains away from GoDaddy after their DNS outage and I’m working with many clients who want to do the same.  Then today I was met with a FeedBurner account with 40+ zeroed-out feeds.

At first I thought that maybe we were having a server error, but like the GoDaddy outage, this was affecting clients on our servers and other servers. According to Cliff Ravenscraft, “The Podcast Answer Man,” the sky is not falling, but it may be time to start considering contingency plans in the event that FeedBurner proves to be another of Google projects that goes on being ignored and neglected until they finally just shutter the site.

If this happened, it would be a real shame. As much as RSS isn’t something that regular people use that much, it is a vital tool on the web and FeedBurner has been a great tool to get an RSS feed into shape for a podcast or other syndication needs. Google needs to give these sorts of services the attention they need. To do otherwise and then shut down a project is essentially never giving it a chance to be a success.