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The newly released Small Business Authority Market Sentiment Survey shows that less than a third of small businesses surveyed back up their data offsite.  As businesses increasingly rely on data—whether it be customer information, creative work, or even internal accounting info—this kind of neglect to insure from the very real (arguably inevitable) risk of data loss is an increasingly costly error.

It’s important to note the SBA’s emphasis on offsite backups.  Offsite backup is crucial as external hardrives or similar solutions may guard against internal hard drive failure, but they don’t guard against site-wide losses that could result from a fire, water damage, a power surge, or even a virus/malware problem.  Pushing data offsite is the most reliable backup solution for any business and the plummeting costs of such technologies make it the cheapest insurance policy any small business will purchase.

ReadyMadeWeb recommends services like DropBox for Teams and as a way to keep your small business both backed-up and able to work from anywhere at anytime.  Not only do these services offer fast backup of data, they also serve as a way to free your team up from the tethers of VPN software and in-house servers.  Instead, both data storage and backup are outsourced to low-priced service that also makes all of your files available online, anywhere, with better security than you could provided with your own solution.

If you need help getting started with either of these services, ReadyMadeWeb is happy to help.  Contact us at to learn more about how we can help you implement the online backup and file management service that’s right for you.

Image courtesy of Flickr User Kino Praxis.