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Here’s a quick one for everyone else out there who’s a fan of Media Temple hosting.  To get the most out of your dedicated or virtual dedicated box running on MT’s 4.0 platform, check out Making it Better, a great article in MT’s community wiki.  This guide will show you how to upgrade to Plesk 10.2, fine-tune MySQL and Apache, install monitoring software that can automatically restart services or your entire box when necessary, and much more.

Note: For other Drupal admins out there, be careful when using the script provided in the MySQL article that rewrites your my.cnf file.  The script produced overall better settings for MySQL’s memory usage, but I found that it totally neglected to define max_allowed_packet, which renders Drupal unusable, at least in my current setup.  This value should probably be set to 32M if you’re loaded up on RAM, but more often to around 8M.  I also recommend setting your query_cache_size and thread_cache_size to lower values than is produced by the provided script.  Though with all things MySQL, it’s more art than science, so experiment with different settings and see how your machine responds over the course of a few days.  With time, you’ll find what’s right for your software and your pattern of usage.