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website_logoUPDATE: ReadyMadeWeb has launched a new service that allows you to convert your TypePad or Movable Type blog to WordPress for just $99.

Visit to learn more.

Visitors interested in moving away from TypePad should visit our new TypePad to WordPress Migration page.

We are now offering data-only conversions for the incredibly low price of $99.

We also offer several WordPress setup options for those looking for an effortless migration from TypePad to a self-hosted custom WordPress site.

I recently completed work on Marginal Revolution, the very popular economics blog by Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok. Swedish designer Joanna Andreasson provided the styling while programmer extradonair Pete Snyder assisted with all the heavy lifting.  And heavy lifting there was—TypePad does not make it easy to export data from their platform, providing a bulky text file as a user’s only means of escape.  This made the journey between platforms extra laborious, especially given the sheer amount of data associated with Tyler & Alex’s prolific blogging.

To be precise, the .txt file produce by TypePad was about 300MB.  The roughly 7,000 posts and 145,000 comments contained within that file simply couldn’t be handled by the built-in WordPress importer.  I don’t think this shows a flaw in the WordPress coding so much as it shows just how laborious a task parsing the data in a huge text can be.  I was stuck and needed help, that’s where Pete came in.

Pete built an import tool that not only handled Marginal Revolution’s posts and comments with ease, it was also able to import files associated with the TypePad posts, something which we would have had to do without had we relied on the built-in export process.

After the dust settled, we were left with a really cool tool for getting blogs out of TypePad and on to WordPress.

UPDATE: ReadyMadeWeb has launched a new service that allows you to convert your TypePad or Movable Type blog to WordPress for just $99.

Visit to learn more.

So, we’re announcing a new set of flat-rate services offered by ReadyMadeWeb:

TypedPad to WordPress Conversion – $300

This includes all posts, pages, comments, images, and other media moved from TypePad into your WordPress site while maintaining your exist permalink structure.  After moving the data, we run a full audit to ensure that all data was moved successfully, including a full broken-links report. From there, you can enjoy WordPress without having to worry about data integrity or a loss in Google PageRank.

Sidebars, Menus, and Widgets – $100


For an additional $100, we’ll move your blogroll, advertisements, links, or any other sidebar items into WordPress and create widgets where possible.  Your menu structure will also be moved, placing static pages right back where you left them.

Sidebars, Menus, Widgets, and Thesis 1.8 by DIY Themes – $250

Get all the items above along with installation of Thesis 1.8, the revolutionary theme for WordPress that allows you to customization the look and feel of your site without any knowledge of HTML or other code.

So, for $550 you can have an entirely new site running on WordPress, leaving TypePad behind for good.  That means gaining all the benefits of WordPress, the world’s most widely used web platform, along with its superior SEO and a library of over 13,000 plugins, without any of the headaches of messing with code.

You can checkout a TypePad version of Marginal Revolution via Internet Archive.