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Earlier this week I wrote a post about TwitBlock and The Twit Cleaner, tools for quickly unfollowing and blocking spammers on Twitter. Shortly after the post was published, PJ Doland, fellow web geek and co-blogger at the Tech Liberation Front, hit me up on Twitter with a link to his very own Twitter De-Spamming tool, Nest Unclutterer.

Nest Unclutterer, a product of Unclutterer (a site founded by ReadyMadeWeb’s own Jerry Brito) and Dancing Mammoth, has two simple functions. For followers, it allows you to set a threshold for how many people they can follow before they’re dropped. So, if you set your limit at 1,000 users, any of your followers who are following more than 1,000 people, will be blocked. For people you’re following, Nest Unclutterer will check how long it’s been since they last used Twitter and drop anyone who’s lost the tweet love and has become inactive.

A whitelist function exists to create exceptions so that you don’t end up blocking people like Robert Scoble, the tech blogger who’s currently following over 17,000 people. Same goes for the unfollowing functionality, so you’ll be able to spare the accounts of your friends who have joined the Peace Corps or are otherwise on an extended Twittering hiatus.

To make doubly sure you don’t do anything to your Twitter family you might regret later, Next Unclutterer present you with a list of those about to be blocked or unfollowed and allows you to permanently whitelist anyone who you wish to spare from its wrath.