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Creative Commons License photo credit: i:tzharr

Create an XML Sitemap – Giving Google a clear map of every post on the site can mean that Google indexes the site much more frequently. After completing a recent relaunch of an already long-established site that previously had no sitemap, it indexing rate skyrocketed from only a few hundred to well over 3,000 pages per day.  This site has only 2,500 pages, meaning that Google is indexing portions of the site multiple times day. The result was a doubling in search traffic—and this was in December, usually one of the slowest web traffic times of year.  Most widely-used, open-source CMS systems have built-in or plug-in sitemap generators available.

Promote Your RSS Feed – Placing an RSS icon in a prominent location along with a few other popular subscription service options can do wonders for traffic.  Thankfully all of this can be done easily using FeedBurner, which offers dozens of subscription options for your blog readers. By making it easy to subscribe to your blog or website, you’ll keep your content in front of users, keeping them interested and generating repeat traffic.  You should also explore adding FeedBurner’s “Subscribe via Email” function.  One of the sites I manage has over 5,000 subscribers who get daily emails via FeedBurner’s service.

Twitter Syndication – For the same reason that promoting RSS helps to keep your name in front of people, syndicating content through Twitter is a good idea. Twitter is increasingly used as a substitute for RSS readers, so automating an RSS-to-Twitter feed helps you keep up with your audience. is a great stand-alone tool for turning your RSS feed into tweets.  Hootsuite also has an RSS to Twitter syndication function built-in.

Though all of these tools can help your site to succeed, remember that nothing replaces high-quality, original content produced on a regular basis.  So keep focusing on creating great writing, photos, video, or whatever you created your website to promote.