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When you follow someone on Twitter, by default Twitter sends an email notifying them that you’re a new follower.  Sometimes this results in someone looking at your profile, checking out your previous tweets, and following you back.  So, following people can result in increasing your followers, especially if you can figure out a way to follow people on-mass.

Several tools exist to do this including FlashTweet, TwitterMass, and Tweepi.  All of these services contain the same basic tool set—auto-following people who tweet certain keywords or phrases, following the followers of another Twitter user, and a mass un-follow tool.

Imagine this use case scenario for these tools: You run a political commentary blog and you’ve been covering the health care reform issues.  Using a mass-follow tool you could expand your audience by following a people who are using the phrase “health care reform” in their tweets or by following people who follow other major political bloggers, like @dailydish or @TheDailyCaller.

Of course, not everyone you follow will end up following you back, so you’ll end up with a glut of folks you’re following who weren’t polite enough to return the favor.  That’s where the un-follow tools in all of these suits comes into play.  These tools will identify the non-reciprocators and drop them.

Combining mass-following with occasional un-following will allow you to drop a simple message to hundreds or even thousands of people a week.

Of all of the tools I mentioned above, I’d recommend FlashTweet and Tweepi for beginners.  Tweepi is totally free and is good for folks still getting used to the idea of mass-following while FlashTweet costs a mere $8 per month and will follow a large swath of people at a time, but the interface can be a bit frustrating.  TwitterMass is a very automated system that costs anywhere from $24 to $99 per month depending on the number of accounts you’d like to manage.

Good luck and good tweeting.

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