Web Services Integration

You’ve got a website, now put it to work


You don’t just want to tell the world who you are and what you do, you want sell products or services, maybe you want to take donations, or collect visitors information for an email newsletters.  Whatever your goals are, ReadyMadeWeb can help you integrate the right solution into your website, even if it’s not a website we’ve built.

No Big Investments

Because we believe the web is so powerful, we only recommend web-based software to our customers. That means no installing software, no servers, and no headaches.  It also means smaller bills.

No One-Way Streets

We ensure that any data going into these services can easily be gotten back out—never take one-way streets when it comes to your data.

No Lock-In

Other web companies build websites that are only compatible with their web services and then make sure to charge you for those too. We think this approach is simply wrong. We build standards-based websites, so they’re compatible with any standards-driven service, which is the only kind we recommend.  All of the services below will work with any standards-based site, meaning that you can use the same services on a site built by us or build by someone else.

Data Collection

Services like FormStack, WuFoo, and FormAssembly make collecting, storing, and moving visitor data easy.  We’ll get you up and running on the system that best fits your business needs and then help you integrate it with your other services.

Bulk Email

From email template design to list management, ReadyMadeWeb has you covered.  We work with MailChimp and ExactTarget to provide you with high-quality email campaigns that get noticed and actually get delivered.

Online Stores & Donation Processing

Where you want to process simple donations or create an online store with thousands products for sale, ReadyMadeWeb can recommend the right solutions and get you started.  We work extensively with PayPal, Authorize.net, Shopify, WP-eCommerce, and other platforms and processing gateways to make getting paid online easy.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The hub of any non-profit or business should be its CRM software.  We specialize in deployments of SalesForce, the best CRM in the business.  Voted the most innovative company in the world by the editors of Forbes, SalesForce.com has become the prime example just how powerful web-based software can be.  For non-profits, SalesForce is a particularly good deal, as up to 12 users can take advantage of the software for free and additional licenses are sold at a special non-profit discount.

If you’re interested in any of the services we offer, please drop us a line at
(707) RDY-MADE, that’s (707) 739-6233, or use the form below.