Open-Source Web Design

Open-Source Means Better Software

WordPressDrupalBox125clearIt’s common for web design firms to offer to build you a custom, one-of-a-kind platform for your website at a premium price. As you may already know, these custom solutions are often too custom, straying away from industry standards and making your website so tailor-made that it’s compatible with little else. To make matters worse, the company that just built your white elephant has to maintain it, because no other web developer would know what to do with it. This sort of approach locks customers into relationships with contractors who can hold them hostage for whatever labor and maintenance charges they choose.

No More Lock-In

The ReadyMadeWeb philosophy helps you avoid the closed software trap. We build websites using Drupal and WordPress, the two most widely-adopted, open-source web publishing platforms, so you’ll never be stuck in a relationship with one contractor, even us. Thousands of developers who work with these platforms, so if you’re even unsatisfied with our work, it’s easy to have another developer take over.

Economies of Scale

By choosing open source, you’ll also gain the benefits that come along with joining a community of hundreds of thousands of users and developers using the same platform—that means countless pre-made designs and functionality add-ons are ready to be deployed now, not after a long development cycle.

Trusted by the Biggest Brands

Drupal and WordPress are used by brands such as CNN, the, and The New York Times. If these big-name brands with big budgets are choosing free, open-source solutions, then why should anyone burn precious dollars on proprietary systems that never seem to live up to the sales pitch?

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

Still not convinced? See how your website platform stacks up against the top open source solutions by checking out Water & Stone’s annual Open Source CMS Market Share report. The report delivers hard statistics about just how dominant open source solutions have become.

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