We’ve created a fork of WordPress Importer 0.6 in order to better facilitate migrations of content from other sources, such as TypePad or Movable Type blogs, which we regularly migrate to WordPress.

Our plugin differs from WordPress Importer 0.6 in two ways:

1. Better File-Type Checking

If the attachment element in the WXR doesn’t have an extension, or the extension isn’t recognized by WordPress Importer 0.6’s MIME checking tool (which only looks at extensions), ReadyMade WordPress Importer 0.6.1 does a HEAD request against the URL to see if:

a) if the server hosting the file will tell us the MIME type

b) if the server hosting the file will tell us the full name of the file.

If and only if both of the above are true (as they are in the case of TypePad) then we use that information when saving the file locally, instead of skipping the attachment all together as the WordPress Importer 0.6 does.

2. Appending File-Types to URLs

For attachments where the above is the case, we also alter the URL rewriting code. In WordPress Importer 0.6 body content containing URLs are rewritten to reflect the site’s new address, so content that makes reference to:


becomes a reference to:


ReadyMade WordPress Importer 0.6.1 extends this rewriting functionality to correct for URLs without file extensions, so content that makes reference to:


becomes a reference to


Adding the file extension prevents WordPress from rejecting the file if the user edits it again in the future.

We hope this modification helps move blogs into the WordPress community more easily.

Download ReadyMade WordPress Importer 0.6.1